Panic button

I made a panic button that tweets panic messages using a toy button that comes with a battery powered speaker (I didn’t use the speaker). The code was pretty much a combination of two posts I found: Setup the pi First install Noobs on a sd card, I kept getting  a 0 space left on card error so… Read more →


GAME exhibition

I made an art piece for an exhibition called GAME in Melbourne. The art pieces were inspired by locally made games. There were a lot of excellent pieces and I was trilled to be asked to show something. Here are some notes on my piece (below). I wrote a script in picks random points on the canvas and draws a… Read more →

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.51.14 AM

Ludum Dare 2013

I entered ludum dare a few weeks ago, the theme was minimalism. I created a top down maze game in the style of NES Zelda games. No enemies apart from moving walls that crush the player, who is a single pixel in size. I have a tough time coming up with an idea for the game because the theme was… Read more →


Working on the game today and getting over a cold might have lead to all these bugs in the code: Trying to set first element of array after changing the starting position to the second Checking if an enum is less than zero rather than checking an int Wrong order of operations, added more brackets Check if valid, if int… Read more →